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Messy Hair and Everything Else
posted on 11.06.13 Cupid’s Chokehold




Michael Kors Resort 2013

"It’s one of the most fun seasons to work on. Every year, it’s ‘Find me a new place,’ - MK, on Resort wear

When Michael Kors designs, he stands by his iconic American Sportswear mantra.Clean lines, clean styling and perfectly designed for the modern woman. 

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posted on 11.06.13 Monks

The youth in an old age tradition + beautiful shade of orange + ancient structures, here’ a gorgeous photo set of interesting subjects at Siem Reap shot by Iya Forbes.

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posted on 26.05.13 Sketch Sundays: Stylebible

Everybody loves Instagram. Everybody is on Instagram. I’m on Instagram and I love Instagram.

Got into this addicting masterpiece a year after I signed up for an account (which is when everybody had one already, thank god) and it’s been one like after another on my feed. 

And it’s that time of the year again; when people gawk over Michael Cinco’s magnificence in the form of dramatic gowns, street style photos of our local editors and effortless faces of models off duty. Welcome everyone to Philippine Fashion Instagram Week Holiday 2013.

In the midst of fast uploading Instagram photos this week, there’s something refreshing with Preview’s online counterpart, Stylebible’s Instagram posts.

Rather than just posting editor’s favorites from the Runway, Stylebible’s Maura Rodriguez went traditional and started posting quick, beautiful sketches off the runway.

Very Anne-Marie Curtis way of thinking, don’t you think?

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posted on 17.05.13 Minimal Friendly

Camille made this top out of boiled wool.
This girl’s got skills.

Also, currently into boxy tops.

posted on 10.05.13 Patchwork Pretty


Nicola Wing Settee Patchwork
How adorable is this patchwork sofa from Heima? 
If I have 56,000php and a really cool, bigger room, I’d totally get this.

Check out their pretty rad website as well!

posted on 10.05.13 On Australian Kaftans & Customers






Australian designer Camilla Franks' works not so very me but I might probably reassess my style views on kaftans and bold colors. I'm now a fan.

Well actually, I’m basically a fan of anyone who can just put their things out there, design amazing products with all their heart and soul and produce a look book (or any marketing strategy) that can show the spirit of the brand. (Which is where, honestly, some brands fail.)

What’s the use of creating good clothes, or good products for that matter - and not market it in a way that reflects the essence of the brand? Yes, I know, it’s about selling your products but isn’t it better to show the consumers what your brand stands for, let them know the the brand, love it, support it, talk about it and come back for more? 

I think some brands forget that.They try and try so much to capture/know what the customers want that they eventually forget that they have a vision: To sell what they think that should be saleable, to sell products which represents what they stand for.  

Just don’t give them what they want, give them something they would want to have.

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